The exhaust system is made entirely of "titanium alloy" with the exception of the exhaust hangers which are aluminum. The finished is simply OUTSTANDING. Unlike most titanium exhaust system I have seen, the Casuno system has been polished and the welds if you can find them are perfect and polished as well.

The Casuno exhaust system basically has the same header configuration as the stock system. There is a "cross-over pipe" that connects the two header pipes and that is were the O-2 sensor goes. Also the Casuno system is made to use the stock air-box & ECU.

The Casuno exhaust system comes with two catalytic "inserts". I am choosing not to install them at this time. Additionally each muffler has a removable baffle which is held in place with a "C-clip". Very elegant!

THE Casuno exhaust system sounds outstanding with the baffles installed. With the baffles out the system sounds even better. Not quite as much "thump" as the Termi 2 -into- 1 system but close.

Total weight for the Casuno exhaust system is 12 lbs as compared with the stock system (OEM) 2 -into- 2 which weights 26 lbs. The Termi 2 -into- 1 system also weights in at 12 lbs.

The design and execution of the rear-sets, like the exhaust system, is outstanding. The attention to detail is far beyond what I have seen. None of the photographs I have seen of Casuno's products due them justice and the photographs I have seen are of the highest quality. Hopefully I can capture some of the essence of Casuno's exhaust system and rear-sets, but I have a feeling it will be most difficult. It one of those things that needs to be held in your hands....

The Casuno rear-set do sit about a bit higher and a bit more forward the the OEM rear-set. There is also a certain about of adjustment for postion.
The Casuno exhaust system and rear-sets were purchased directly from Casuno. Casuno doesn't sell internationally but working through one of Casuno's english speaking/writing employees I was able to secure the purchase. Please contact me for details if interested.
REAR-SETS = $744 (US$)
GRAND TOTAL = $3347 (US$)


The Casuno Exhaust baffle if about 5" long, 1 1/4" in diameter and the holes are about 1/8" in diameter AND the are at the upstream end of the baffle. There is no simple way to get any kind of "hooked" tool into them. There are no holes in the baffle sides like the Termi Baffle. My Termi baffle also has a welded piece across the diameter of the exit that is very easy to grab onto with vise-grips or the like.

SOLUTION: First I removed the mufflers. I then took two pieces "bailing wire" and fed them from the exit end of the muffler through two holes in the baffle that were the furthest apart. I then fed these wires all the way out to the upstream end of the muffler. I twisted these wires together where they exited the upstream end of the muffler. I then pulled the wires back through the muffler until they contacted the upstream end baffle. A couple of hard tugs and the baffle was OUT! I think I will weld a cross brace at the exit end of the baffle to allow easy removal in the future.

Casuno's explanation for their tight fitting baffles:
"Volume regulation of exhaust system is severe in Japan. The baffles fits are made tightly."